Sunday, August 24, 2008

Speaking of looking up

I gave myself the assignment. Look up.

Kevin is busy preparing to take a test tomorrow. Very busy. I'm trying to stay out of his hair and, simultaneously and conveniently, enjoy the beautiful, sunny, cool weather. So, I took the train into the city and spent a couple hours wandering through Roma Street Parklands with my camera.

As of this moment, the moment of writing, I haven't seen any of the photos I took. I'm trying to get into the swing of this camera and the concept of blind photography. I point the camera in the general direction of the object I want to photograph. Push the button. Laugh as I look at the screen afterwards- because I still can't tell what the composition looks like or if the image is in focus. It all depends on luck and the ability to crop with photoshop. Someday, I'll save up some pennies and buy a single lens reflex camera- with a view finder.

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