Thursday, September 04, 2008

Weekend at Byron Bay

From singles 2

Last weekend Kevin and I joined 2 other couples in an apartment in Byron Bay. The original idea was that we'd go "camping", but I really, really, really prefer a bed and the campsite that had a cabin for Kevin and I was already fully booked. So, we had to rough it in a lovely 3 bedroom apartment - with kitchen, toilets, and showers! Kevin and crew were a bit disappointed by the dim lighting around the game table - but I think overall we were all pleased that we could walk to the beach through the Arakwal Park in about 15 minutes.

Games played: Citadels, Funny Friends, What's it to ya?, and lots of Times Up! No photos of this- though the "Vogue" round of Times Up! would have yielded some classic pics. The problem... my camera with its overzealous flash!!!!!!!!!!

Beach walks- four. Friday late afternoon with Kevin before anyone else arrived. Saturday morning with the entire group down toward the light house. Cartwheels, dolphins, and sunburns. Sunday morning at dawn with Kevin to faux bird watch. Sunday noon on the opposite beach and climbing up to the light house. This walk was very, very windy. (See group photo.) We did, however, get to see whales!

Finally, a run-in at Ikea to buy 8 copies of something I'm giving out for Christmas. EXCITING and GREEN!!

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