Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall equinox

From singles 2

The summer had burnt itself out; the heat had lifted one day in a breeze off the Gulf, the sky turned a darker blue, the trees a deeper green. Stubborn boys still tried to hold on to baseball games in sand lots, but each morning was cooler now, the sunlight gold and warm at noon, and you could hear high-school marching bands thundering on afternoon practice fields.

It sneaked up on me. I had it marked on my calendar and still it slipped by. Of course, for me it was really the spring equinox. Anyway, I'd likely have continued to not recognize it except I found this really wonderful passage in "Neon Rain" about the advent of autumn. I wonder if anyone anywhere in Australia can relate to the thundering of high school marching bands?

And, there IS a prize to anyone who can pick me out of that line up.


Friendless said...

3 rows down, 3rd person in, holding a clarinet?

NNV said...

Sorry John. No 700 billion dollar bail out for you. Wrong person, wrong row, wrong instrument! (By the way, Kevin did pick me out. Guess it might help to have known me in the 80s.)


Friendless said...

OK then... 6 from the left in the front standing up row, with a flute.

NNV said...


Friendless said...

I can't figure out why I didn't notice you yesterday.