Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brisbane City Romp!

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Last weekend Jane, Hubertus, Anna, Andrew, Kevin and I participated in the Brisbane City Romp. Sort of a scavenger-hunt-meets-Amazing-Race counting frenzy. As there was a suggestion that we might want to dress in costume or at least sync, we all wore one of Kevin's XL "I'd rather be playing Cosmic Encounter" t-shirts. We didn't win the best dressed competition. I'm not sure who did- but I was plenty amazed by the effort that some teams put into their look: frogs, Smurfs- yes, with blue painted faces- UGH- sweating in the sun, police officers, the crew from Scooby Doo. There were wigs and hats and fairy wings. My favorite group was the team that dressed like Waldo, ala "Where's Waldo?" (which I've only JUST NOW learned is the title in North America and here it would be "Where's Wally?") It just felt thematically correct.

Each team was given 4 clue sheets - can't quite figure that out since there were 6 of us - on which were clues to 50 locations. You could travel between locations in any order within the time limit of two hours. At each location you'd be given a task to complete which would ultimately provide you with an answer - often a number. Each task/question was also presented with 5 multiple choice options. With luck, your answer matched up with one of the choices and you could then phone in your guess.

In two hours we visited 20 sites and correctly answered 17 questions and satisfactorily performed one belly dance. (That would be a total completion of 18 sites.)

I'm not sure how Kevin and I would have done on our own. No, I take that back. We'd have floundered. We have no mobile phone.

UPDATE: Andrew and Anna let us know that the results were *finally* posted on the Brisbane Romp site. Here's a summation of some potentially interesting data:

Our results can be found at

Gamers Without A Name:

Overall Placing: 692nd

Category (Family & Friends) Placing: 567th

Check Points Visited: 21 (I think they counted the tie-breaker)

Romp Day Points: 284

Fund Raising Points: 0

Total Points: 284

There were 11 teams with the same score, but we were listed on top, so our tie-breaker guess must have been closer than the other teams'.

There were 1576 teams, so we're in the top 44% (at least we're in the top half...).

There were 1322 teams in the Family & Friends category (obviously the popular category!), so we're in the top 43% there (basically the same).


The overall winner was 'Can't stop the romp', who were also in the Family & Friends category.

Team Members: 4

Check Points Visited: 21 (same as us!)

Romp Day Points: 624

Fund Raising Points: 100

Total Points: 724

Clearly, they visited a lot of the triple-scoring sites. Hubertus' strategy was right!


The 'kicking yourself' award goes to:

Team: Lame Capybarras

Overall Placing: 7th

Category (Family & Friends) Placing: 6th

Team Members: 6

Check Points Visited: 22

Romp Day Points: 628

Fund Raising Points: 0

Total Points: 628

If they had contributed $200, they would have been *1st* instead of *7th*!

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