Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Swan Peak

From singles 2

I thought I’d carried the day. But that’s the way you think when your attitudes are facile and you express them self-confidently at the expense of others.

My mom sent another book on tape: James Lee Burke’s Swan Peak. It is one of his Dave Robicheaux novels. This one set in Montana*- a beautiful place but not quite as romantic as Louisiana. Listening to Will Patton read Burke is delightful. In general, I love being read to and Will purrs through Burke’s lyrical prose. Very sexy. Kevin knows. If Will calls, I'll be answering.

Anyway, Swan Peak is especially fun because it is so jam packed with flawed and just plain nasty characters. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I checked Wikipedia for a list of the Robicheaux novels and made a plan to read them all from first to last. The challenge here, of course, is that I live in Australia. Not the library system I was spoiled by in Cleveland, Ohio. Or, Fayetteville, NC, for that matter. But, I have put my request in to borrow the first novel (which may or may not exist). And, have considered making a purchase at Amazon. I saw a good looking cat medicine book in there today. We could use a good cat reference.

*Montana- Kevin and I went to a family reunion in Glacier National Park in 2005. July. A very beautiful place. See?

From singles 2

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