Thursday, September 18, 2008

Automotive woes- or why Zelda still needs a haircut

Have I mentioned recently that Michael Jackson's losing his touch? For the last couple of months our car has been napping - or at least attempting to nap - at lights. Once we're no longer accelerating - we're waiting for green or for the second train to pass - it stalls. I found a "work around". Put car in park and put foot on accelerator. That worked OK, but there was nothing to help the occasional missed beats when driving. So, we called in the experts.

Three times.

Twice we got new spark plugs.

Monday the Honda garage told us we were running "hot and rich". And, that somehow isn't a good thing... So, they fixed the "rich" and referred us to another place for a radiator flush and new thermostat.

Kevin, remembering that my day off this week was Thursday and that I'd been waiting three weeks to get Zelda into the groomer scheduled the fourth garage visit for Friday.

But, you already know what happened. The car didn't make it to the groomer. It was obvious that the stop and stop traffic was a very bad idea and so I turned around to drive the easy way: back home and out of traffic. But it was too late. Now, the car doesn't just stall when it is idling. NO. Now it doesn't want to start moving after the light changes and I don't even want to remember what it was like trying to go up hill. Eventually I found a spot on Appleby where I could park. Across from the ABC Daycare which generously allowed me the use of their phone. I don't handle these situations well. Kevin, fortunately, does. He managed to talk me down until he figured out where I was and then arranged for Jane to pick me up.

A super humongous THANK YOU to Kevin and Jane from Ann and her scruffy dog (who may get another Ann cut this weekend.)

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