Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HELP! This dog is being held hostage by Honda!

From singles 2

A certain someone is getting very, very hairy waiting for the red dragon to recover. Zelda had an appointment for grooming last week Thursday - I told you that already, didn't I? How I decided to turn around half way there only to find that the car could not make it back home? Eventually we got back and I called the groomer and got the first available (on a day off for me) -- October 18 (or in Australian 18 October.)

So, now it is Friday. And, Kevin has just arrived home from the Honda garage where Honda-check-part-two has just occurred. Kevin has arrived home ON THE TRAIN. The car died within 1 km of the garage.

OK. OK. OK. OK. This isn't a surprise because they didn't actually DO anything today. Or, more accurately, they did nothing to ameliorate the problem that they've identified. The good news is they think they've identified the problem.

And, the cooling system works just fine.

It seems we need a new distributor. And, maybe a timing belt. You know, about $2000 of repair on our $4000 car.

And, as Kevin says, that's also the good news.

The bad news- said distributor lives in Japan and it will take THREE (3!!) WEEKS to get it. Undoubtedly, some one legged octogenarian must hop then swim from Japan to Australia. Obviously, Honda has no facility to motor a part to an airport. Probably all their part delivery trucks need new distributor caps.

Three weeks- which interestingly, though not surprising, comes AFTER the 18th of October.

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