Sunday, September 14, 2008

Farty Towels.

Friday evening (Sept.5th- I'm behind) Kevin gave up gaming to accompany me to "The Faulty Towers Experience" at the New Moon Hotel.

After standing about waiting while Basil and Sybil mingled, we were seated by Manuel. "DAY-POOR," Basil told Manuel. "You still pay," Manuel informed us.

The "experience" was held in a moderately sized function room with about 6 tables for 10. We were seated at a table with one other (friendless) couple. We squished together on one side anticipating that more people would be joining us. Alas, the majority of Brisbanite fans of Fawlty Towers have 5 or more other friends and these groups were each seated at separate tables.

While most of the food service was accomplished by wait-staff from the NMH, Manuel carried around garnish, poured water, stacked dishes, and showed off pictures of his sister's ass. Basil, on occasion, chatted with us about our dining experience - but was more often involved with bombastically directing Manuel. Sybil, gracious hostess, would check whether we were OK and roll her eyes about the behavior of Basil and Manuel.

It was an amusing evening. We felt a bit left out of the interaction since the actors directed most of their attention towards the full tables. The food, however, was very, very good and while we probably wouldn't go to another one of their dinner theaters (certainly not "Kath and Kim"...but "Rocky Horror"...?), we will go back for dinner.

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