Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ann's Mini-vacation - Day 1

Finally, the long awaited day has arrived! Time off for good behavior. Actually, time off for any behavior of MY CHOICE!!!!!!!

Before going further, I must confess that though this episode is time marked 6/19, it is being composed at a point beyond 6/19. It is just that the content shall reflect upon 6/19. Or, 19/06...if you insist.

6/19 a day that will live in infamy. Zelda didn't get breakfast.

Yes, it is true. It wasn't for a lack of gazing or sitting in the right place or stamping of feet. It was because the way I celebrated the beginning of my holiday was to schedule the dog for a dental cleaning. Oh, and if there is time, could you remove her warts?

The rest of the day was similarly exciting. Errands. Errands. Errands. Oh, and retrieve the dog.

Thursday evening, however, we had tickets for the THEATRE. Yes, second row from the front in the dead center of the row, tickets for....... Puppetry of the Penis. Two Australian men dressed only in socks, shoes, and capes performed amazing feats of genitalian acrobatics. Ah, Art.

While we enjoyed the show, it wasn't until later, until Kevin discussed the performance with our man Terry, that we truly appreciated the wonder of it all. You see, we were not just watching a couple of brazen young blokes manipulating their undersides for the amusement of an audience. We were witnessing a part of the national culture of Australia. As I understand it, all around Australia it is a common feature of a late night, drunken barbecue to participate in a competition of "dick tricks". How have we missed this? Where were our invitations?

And, Zelda, still recovering from the anaesthetic missed it all.


Friendless said...

> Where were our invitations?

You always leave at 10:30. Dick tricks don't start till late.

NNV said...

I wonder if that is why my parents always wanted me home by 11....