Friday, June 13, 2008


It has been that kind of week. Little stumbling blocks. Day after day of stubbed toes. A new set of antibiotics which will undoubtedly lead to a new set of antifungals. A wild, mad, heart-thumping dash home on Wed as I watched my temperature guage peg out at hot...and the startling >flash!< of the camera at the speed trap on Beams Rd. A broken tooth.

Yet, at the same time nothing has been dire- just niggling. The car- which was low on water and oil- suffered no damage from my poor judgement. Strangely enough, the garage can't even find a leak. The tooth- I do have to wait two weeks to be seen- but at least it isn't painful. And, the ticket. At least the double fines/double demerits holiday weekend was over!

It is all, however, starting to wear me down.

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