Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ann's Mini-Vacation - Day 4

The day in which Zelda misses not one but two walks in the Boondall Wetlands.

Way back in August I picked up a book at the Brisbane Museum on parks around Brisbane and thought I needed to check out the Boondall Wetlands. We drive past a sign for it at least weekly. It is right at the end of Beams Road- just an exit off the roundabout that loads you onto the Gateway Motorway.

We didn't know what to expect and I wanted to keep Zelda's bandaged feet dry- as well as her incisions- so the poor girl had to wait at home. Again. As it turned out the walk around the northern portion of the wetlands is only about 2 km and mostly mud free. She could have handled it- and really enjoyed it. Bad Ann.

After, we decided we really should try walking the bike path: 8.7 km. But, before this we needed a snack and bit of water to carry along. So, we zoomed back home and then not looking Zelda in the eye, left again. We both agreed that 8.7 km was too much for an 11 year old dog who doesn't get much exercise.

This time we drove down to the southern entrance. We noticed that much of the bike path here was just walking along the road. We also began to suspect that the 8.7 was a one-way measurement. So, we did the little loop at the end: 1.2 km. Yes. A very superior little walk. Very dog worthy. I'm going to do it again early one morning. I'm hoping doing this might result in actually seeing birds while sitting in the bird hide. And, I'll take Zelda.

Since it was now only about 2 pm, we headed into the city. I had been pushing Kevin to see "The Orphanage" and he had been resisting- because he had work he wanted to do. But, we could see the 2:30 show and be home before dark. Even in Brisbane. Even in June.

The movie was great fun! At one point- well two- even Kevin jumped in his seat. It was, however, me and me alone that SCREAMED out loud later. Kevin says the entire theater appreciated it. It was a fine ghost story and Kevin and I have enjoyed chewing on it since.


Friendless said...

Are dogs allowed in the wetlands? I thought it was a nature reserve, though I'm not sure. If you go to Nudgee Beach (at the eastern end of the wetlands) there's a dog off-leash area on the river. From there you can walk along the river to an area that looks very much like your third photo. You're not supposed to, as it's outside the off-leash area, but lots of people do it. It's Sammy's favourite place in the whole world.

NNV said...

They have icons of dogs on leashes at the entrance to the paths, so I think that means that leashed dogs are permitted. I saw dogs- not necessarily leashed - on every walk I did.