Monday, June 09, 2008

Update on the camera situation

I took my problem camera into the camera shop at the mall today. (Thank goodness the mall was celebrating the queen's birthday by allowing us to shop for her.) The man at the desk first assumed I had the camera set to do not flash- but quickly found out that while it WAS set to that (now) it didn't matter. There was to be "no flash". Fortunately, I asked the right question.

Do you think it could be the battery?

And, vwala! It was.

I now own $60 worth of rechargeable batteries and the plan is that I will be back in business.

The curse is lifting.

Unfortunately, my cat isn't looking too good today. Her owner called me and I went in to meet with them. She's wayyyy to high and I'm reluctant to give her insulin for fear she'll be seizuring either at her mom's or at the clinic where she'd be alone (or I'd be spending my day off there. I'm not completely opposed to being there for her, it is just that if she needed IV glucose I cannot do it alone.) Of course, the best option is STILL the emergency clinic- but the owner won't consider that. Looking forward to Tuesday.

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