Saturday, June 07, 2008

Work update

Here, things at the clinic have slowed down. I guess this is seasonal. Slow in winter. Additionally, this week we had some rainy days. The high was probably in the low 60's- so that meant that everyone was putting a jacket on their dog or wrapping the puppy up in a blanket. How funny. One new puppy owner wanted to know what would be too hot and too cold for the dog to be outside. I'm not really much of a believer in outside dogs- but they didn't ask about that. I told them about heat stroke and shade and fresh water...and that in Brisbane- where it has never gotten cold enough to snow- it probably was never going to be too cold for the dog.

Then, there was the new puppy owner who was going to wait for a couple more days before taking the puppy outside to start housebreaking because it was raining! I could not contain myself and had to say, "Do you know there are places in the world where it rains all the time? And, do you know what people do there? They put on a rain coat and grab an umbrella and take the dog out in the rain."

But, despite the downturn in numbers of visits, there's been a big jump in really sick animals: seizures (3), heart failure (2), diabetes with outrageous hypothermia (1), and a kelpie with a color change of the tongue!

Well, the kelpie feels OK, actually, But, I do need everyone's healthy cat thoughts going out to BooBoo who, sporting her new feeding tube, I sent home today for the long holiday weekend.

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