Monday, June 23, 2008

Ann's Mini-vacation - Day 5 (Monday)

Kevin took off today. At one time we had thought we'd spend the weekend, a long weekend, in Cairns. Then, later, in Christchurch New Zealand. Finally, we decided to spend money on other things- like applying for permanent residency and Kevin's big, cool birthday gift...the one I'm not allowed to talk about yet. So, we're here in Brisbane. Taking it easy. Zooming through the last season of "The Wire" and today seeing the new Picasso and his collection exhibition at the GoMA.

Kevin, spoiled by the recent Warhol exhibit gives it a 2 of 10. I liked it better. We both suffer from having no real knowledge of art history. Lots of nudity. Well, female nudity. That pleased Kevin. We were sadly disappointed to find that our dream of a photo booth that took your photo and converted it into a cubist masterpiece was not realized.

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