Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 12-What you believe

I believe what my cousin Todd taught me while water skiing - "If you are going to fall, fall funny...(throw yourself into an endeavor without worry about what you might look like or what others might say) so we can laugh at you." (Bringing joy and laughter is important. Know how to laugh at yourself.)

I believe what I once read on a bumper sticker. "Life's too short to dance with ugly people." Don't get hung up on or tied to judgemental, belittling, hurtful people. (This has nothing to do with physical appearance, or really, even, dancing....though I do believe in dancing.)

I believe in a liberal education. I believe in libraries. I believe in reading, writing, arts, mathematics and SCIENCE. Blind me, baby.

I believe in generosity with respect to material "wealth", patience, acceptance, and affection. I believe in love. I believe in friendship.

I believe in learning from mistakes. The best stories come from error and pain.

I believe in three good meals a day - everyday. I believe in fresh fruits and vegetables. I believe in going to bed and rising early. Then, do something useful. Create love or beauty or further understanding. I am not a believer in between meal snacks....

I believe every dog should be loved and made part of a family. Dogs should not be left to suffer alone. Everyone needs a cuddle. Cats, they're different - they vary too much to make a blanket statement. Ultimately, I wish safe and secure lives for all creatures.

I believe I am imperfect and that I have no time to worry about imperfection. I believe those that know me best will find it easy to find times when my behavior has fallen short of my beliefs. I believe tomorrow will be a new day.

*The photo - that was taken during the aforementioned water skiing lesson. I never was successful at standing on my skis. I hope I managed to fall funny enough.

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