Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 22- What's in your makeup bag

From Singles 2011

As strange as it will seem to people who know me - this is the day entry that made me want to do this project.

I have no makeup bag. I have my dad's old shaving bag that has 2 boxes of very, very old contact lenses and saline solution.

I have a really pretty make up bag that I received for Christmas from my friend Carolyn a couple years ago. Just can't figure out what to put IN it. I have it set aside to take to the hospital with us. That's assuming I put something in it first. Maybe my ipod. Maybe some candies.

For years when I did sort of have a make up bag (I think it was still that shaving bag above) I had something it it... Blue Foundation. We bought it to make Zombie photos.

See above.

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