Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 19- Something you miss

I miss having seasons; four distinct seasons each characterized by its own beauty. I miss the way they illustrate the passage of time - marching ever onward, always a sense of exhilaration for what lies ahead. Here, where the days go from a bit longer to way shorter and the temperature sways between god-awful hot to pleasant to coolish and the exact identity of what flower is blooming cycles, time whizzes past without a reminder to stop and take note, without anticipation, without joy.


C Maryon said...

That is exactly what I used to miss when living in Wgtn. I love the changes in the seasons. Such a contrast between cold winter (only a month ago, really) to green and budding spring, with birds chattering in the garden, tadpoles in the pond and life life life coming back after various forms of semiconscious hibernation.

NNV said...

I feel like I'm sleepwalking through the sameness and getting old too fast. I need a hard winter and a sweet, sweet spring! Enjoy your tadpoles! and your soon to be bees!!