Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 25- Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs

OK. Another cheat.

I'm using my i-tunes AND eliminating all the Stevie Wonder tunes. Nothing against Mr. Wonder - but Kevin has loaded the ENTIRE Stevie Wonder discography onto my i-tunes and ...

I don't know how to start randomly - so the first song played is the first in my music list:

1. Al Jarreau "Moonlighting (Theme)"
- 4 Stevie Wonder songs
2. Laurie Anderson "White Lily"
3. Kate Rusby "The Sleepless Sailor"
- Stevie Wonder "Always"
4. Mouth Music "Mile Marbh'aisg Air A'Ghaol"
5. Laurie Anderson "The Statue of Liberty"
6. Scott Walker "30 Century Man" from "The Life Aquatic with Steve
- Stevie Wonder
7. George Benson "Nature Boy"
- Stevie Wonder
8. Collin Hay "Children on Parade"
- Stevie Wonder - four more songs
9. Solomon Burke "Presents for Christmas"
- Stevie Wonder - five more songs
10. Elbow "Weather to Fly"

So, that would be 16 Stevie Wonder tunes. That's probably a fair reflection of just how much he is over-represented here. I just wasn't up to that much Wonder this morning.

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