Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Have you seen this fish???

From Singles 2011

Yes, I know. You've seen him here on the blog. But, recently. Like, has he moved into a tank near you? Is he hanging from his big sucker lips onto a window? or bowl? or ??

Last week I finally got around to getting him some help with keeping the aquarium glass SPOTLESS as it was obviously a job for two and his buddy, you'll remember, was either murdered or committed suicide a few weeks back. I swear he was in the tank the day before, but I've not spotted him since! I've swished around the plants and "fluffed" the gravel and haven't even seen a corpse or spare fin. Criminy! Did he decide he'd cling to the floating plastic bag and I didn't notice and tossed it and him into the trash??? Am I the prime suspect again in this rash of "fishy tales".

Oh. That hurt.

(By the way - Day 29 - Three wishes. I can't distinguish between hope and wish. All is great and I hope it continues. Three times.)

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