Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Day 9-A picture of your friends

I need to have a HUGE party and invite my disparate friends from across time and nations so I have ONE photograph to put in this slot. As I don't really have the time for this (I'm already a day behind) I will settle with a slide show. By no means should this slide show suggest to anyone that these are all my friends. This isn't even all my Christmas card list... but they are the photos I have access to. It seems that as I've gotten older my tendency to take photographs of my friends has diminished - so while I have to choose among, albeit out of focus, photos of my high school chums, I have only a photograph of Tim from grad school, and virtually no photographs from any of my work mates (in the US) and absolutely none from vet school. Even if I have photographs, they may not have been scanned and transported to Australia. So, bottom line, if I don't have a photo of YOU, please send me one. I can fix this!

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