Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 14- A picture you love

Really? One picture. I've got one for each season - plus two of my favorite photographs.

The first painting of the goldfish (Matisse)- this poster has been hanging in my home (well, in the my US homes) since graduate school. I love the color - and the fish never die.

For summer - an O'Keefe sunflower. Sunflowers always make me happy.

For fall (Van Gogh) - what color!

For winter (Monet) - I sent this as a Christmas card one year. It captures and beauty and the isolation of winter. It is wonderful!

Photo 1 - This reminds me how much fun I have with my family. Probably taken about 1983 - I had to borrow the black coat and sunglasses. I'm not as cool as my mom or Renee.

Photo 2 - Kevin as a sophomore at OSU. He has his honest and unguarded smile. These fresh moments have been so difficult to capture for me.

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