Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 16 - Dream house

From Singles 2011
Let us start with the obvious. There are no spiders in my dream house. No snakes in the attic, either, or roaches in the toaster. I'd rather not have geckos pooing on my walls. Is this too much to ask?

Kevin and I make regular trips to check out local "Open Houses" and discuss what we like and what we don't. We agree: We like Central Air Conditioning. We like garages that have doors that lead into the house. We like screens on windows. We like bedrooms where there's room between the bed and the wall on three sides! We like two story houses. We don't like the idea that a tiny little house that includes spiders, geckos, bedrooms where you can't fit a chest of drawers, and only the occasional room air conditioner costs $400,000. Really. And, there's no guarantee there isn't a carpet python in the attic.

So, I must start with my dream house is located in a far away land.

Size - for the two of us, 1400 sq feet was spacious. We might need a little more - but ideal is certainly no McMansion. Four bedrooms or three and a study. A kitchen with lots of light and enough counter space so I could cook without first washing any dishes that had piled up...not that things like that happen. (I meant the dishes, not the cooking...though...) We need a comfortable game room with easy access to a toilet and good sound insulation from the place I might be sleeping. I want a porch with a swing. And, I've already mentioned the sincere pumpkin patch and Christmas tree field. I've seen blueprints of houses built around a central courtyard - that's pretty cool, too.

I don't care much whether the floors are carpeted or hardwood - particularly since in a dream house there is a dream housekeeper who will keep the floors vacuumed and mopped and the furniture and baseboards dusted. They might let me paint walls - or at least help for an hour or so. And, I'm allowed to put nails in the walls and hang art.

I did mention the central air conditioning, didn't I? We'll need a furnace, as well, since I'm living in a four season climate. (Don't worry, Kevin. The staff can shovel snow and the garage is attached so our car won't need to be de-iced each morning.)

The master bedroom is large enough to have a chair with good lighting and a little table to hold my book and cup of tea as well as having both a closet AND a chest of drawers or two.

There's a deep tub for soaking and a shower with one head low for me and one high for Kevin.

The house is far enough removed from neighbors that the curtains never need to be closed unless someone feels that makes the space cozy.

At one point I wanted a dark room. I'm not sure any more. I don't think I'd use it often enough. I will still want the greenhouse, however.

You, of course, are welcome to come to visit or stay for a while - particularly if you like to cook. We can stroll through the gardens, sip iced tea on the porch, or cocoa by the fire. You'll just have to prepared to share your bed with Zelda.

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