Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 13-Goals

I'm not a very good goal setter. I recognize the value in setting goals but I'm filled with trepidation whenever I set pen to paper with the word "GOALS" scribbled atop the sheet. Seems it works that way with electronic pages, as well. So, I've been thinking - kinda like you might imagine a person peeking through fingertips at a bloody scene on the movie screen - and I have some glimpses. And, then there's my concern that if I forget a goal, I've missed my opportunity and will never be allowed to achieve it. Feel free to pull on your amateur psychologist hat and...whatever amateur psychologists do. Walk in the rain?

1. Raise a healthy, happy and well-adjusted son. Not sure how that is done. Good food, plenty of sleep, exposure to lots of ideas, art, and love.

2. Reduce suffering and maximize wellness. Treat all, whether two or four legged, with compassion.

3. Move. Someday I want my own sincere pumpkin patch and a small plot of Christmas trees. You know, the essentials.

4. Create something meaningful or beautiful - preferably on a regular basis. Given my basic insecurity I'd hope someone else might find it worthy, too.

5. Return to my daily practice of qi gong.

6. Eat more vegetables.

7. Express gratitude. Recognize all the gifts I'm given every day.

OK - I'm now 5 days behind. Best to most this and move on.

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